Coby TFTV1913 19-Inch LCD Digital TV/Monitor Review

Coby TFTV1913 19 inch LCD Digital TV/Monitor
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I bought this TV from Brandsmart USA because I was looking for a small cheap TV to put into my dorm room that had HD. Unfortunately I didnt read correctly, but this TV is only HD-Ready. That means that if you have HD through a cable box or sat. recevier, you are fine, but if you are planning on catching HD through the air... you are out of luck. Also, after searching all over the internet to find a universal remote code, I called Coby Tech support only to be told that Coby does not release codes for its products.

My TV had a small bright patch in the top of the screen when I bought it but it was so small and I had received such a good deal that I just decided to ignore it. But when I used the S Video connection, it often times would cut in and out of picture. I returned the set, and got a replacement. Same issue with the S Video Connector again! Also the front of the second TV was cosmetically imperfect. I think Coby just uses poor quality control, if any.

I just finally threw in the towel and returned the set and went with a Toshiba.

Prices are dropping so fast on these types of TVs that I would say stay away from this and get a brand name. You will spend $50 or $75 more, but you will be glad you did. Also, just so you know in advance. Most name brands offer 1 year warranties. Coby offers only 90 days on a TV of this size.

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Coby TFTV1913 19"widescreen TFT LCD digital color TV/monitor with ATSC/NTSC tuner, fast 6ms pixel responce time, dual ATSC/NTSC tuner for digital and standard TV broadcast reception, AV input jacks for use with media players, DVR/VCRs, video games, and more, 15-pin VGA interface for use with computer systems, full-range stereo speakers(10W), digital comb filter and noise reduction, V-chip parental control, closed caption, and electronic program guide support, multi-language on-screen display, wall-mountable design, black

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