CyberHome CH-DVD 300S Progressive-Scan DVD Player , Silver Review

CyberHome CH-DVD 300S Progressive-Scan DVD Player , Silver
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Don't be frightened by the small-name brand and tiny size. This player works just fine. Good picture and good performance. I bought mine primarily because it can be programmed to play discs from other regions than Region 1 (North America's DVD region, for those who do not pay attention to such things.) It does this to perfection! I have had no problem with color shifts or distortion with PAL discs on my NTSC television, but be sure that you use the manual when you go through the "Setup" menu - you will need to make sure your player is set to NTSC, not PAL, if you live in North America and want PAL discs to play properly on your NTSC set.

Not familiar with the PAL/NTSC thing? It's like this - if an American buys a DVD from England, for example, he or she will find that it will not play in the average North American Region 1, NTSC DVD player because in England, DVDs and players are Region 2 and PAL TV format (North America has NTSC format TV broadcasts). They are incompatible and will not play. This player will play both PAL and NTSC DVDs, and will play them from any region!

There is one minor caveat - there are no instructions as to how to change regions included with the player (but can be found with an internet search).

Not to worry, though - this is how you do it:
1. With no disc in the tray, push "Menu" "1" "9" (ignoring the "No" symbol that appears on the upper left-hand corner of the screen).
2. A menu will appear that shows in highlight the region it is set to (almost certainly Region 1). Push the "Enter" button and the region number will change. You can set it to any region (1 through 6) or to Region 0, which means it will play PAL or NTSC DVDs from all 6 DVD regions!
3. Push the "Open/Close" button to close the menu, and you're done!


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Product Description:
Offering a downright amazing feature set for such an affordable price, Cyber Home's compact CH-DVD 300S makes a rich and promising starter player. You get everything from top-of-the-line progressive-scan component-video outputs to built-in MP3 decoding, JPEG image viewing, and 3:2 pulldown for viewing movies in their native frame rates.
Whether your living room is currently home to an HDTV or you're merely thinking of "someday," the CH-DVD 300S stands ready to deliver the full potential of DVDs. Progressive scanning, referred to as 480p for the number of horizontal lines that compose the video image, creates a picture using twice the scan lines of a conventional DVD picture, providing higher resolution and sharper images while eliminating nearly all motion artifacts. Composite- and S-video outputs bring compatibility with nearly any television.
With 3:2 pulldown support, the player corrects for a common distortion in DVDs when 24 frames-per-second movies make the leap to 30 fps video; 3:2 pulldown removes the redundant information to display a film-frame-accurate picture.
A set of multichannel analog-audio outputs routes decoded Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1-channel surround signals to your audio/video receiver. Dolby Digital and DTS signals can also be channeled through the player's digital-audio outputs (one each of RCA coaxial and optical) for direct connection to a surround-featured AV receiver. The player has left/right analog audio outputs, too.
The CH-DVD 300S is compatible with DVD-R/-RW and DVD+R/+RW media, handling just about any recordable disc you give it. It can even play both PAL- and NTSC-formatted discs, handy when viewing non-region-specific European discs. Other features include motion zoom, screen saver, last-disc resume, and repeat play.
What's in the Box
DVD player, AC power cord, multi-function remote control, remote batteries, and a composite-video/stereo analog-audio interconnect.

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