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RCA Universal Remote
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It's a shame another reviewer did not carefully read page 8 in the instruction manual about "Menu Mode". It would have been found that the menu arrow direction buttons (+/- channel & volume) do work just fine to make menu selections. I bought this remote for my 92 year old legally blind mother just because of the large size buttons and then set it up to control an RCA tv and Toshiba dvd. I was so impressed I then bought one for our family to control a Zenith tv, RCA vcr and a Cyberhome dvd. This eliminated 3 remotes with over a hundred buttons with one of just 30. All the menu selection functions work just fine on all three devices. I highly recomend this remote. (P.S. I couldn't get the menu buttons to work either for a couple of hours until I finally read the above mentioned page.)

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Controls up to ;4 components, including TV, DVD, VCR ;& satellite/cable box; Extra-large control buttons; Glow-in-the-dark keys; Menu key navigation; Big buttons; Requires 2 AAA batteries

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