RCA SystemLink3 Universal Remote (RCU 300) Review

RCA SystemLink3 Universal Remote
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Works well enough, but some of the controls are odd.For instance one button is used to turn on the tv ("TV"), while an entirely different one is used to turn it off ("Power").Also, it is not very compatible with the RCA TV's that include the "Guide Plus" menu.There is no menu button, no exit button, and no guide button, so it is always interesting to try to clear the guide screen once the TV is turned on, and once it is cleared it is impossible to bring it back up with out turning the tv off then on again.

I was able to find my signal well though and have not had any connectivity problems, so it does its job.Overall, I'd say it is as expected for an $8 remote and you would probably get your money's worth, especially if you don't have a guide menu or anything like that.Oh and a caveat, I did not try it with a DVD player or Cable box or anything like that, so I couldn't tell you how it works as far as those electronics go.

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Product Description:
The RCA RCU300TR 3-Device Universal Remote Control lets you easily program one remote to control your TV, DVD player and cable box or other devices. You just enter the codes corresponding to your device and it's ready to go. Or use the direct code search feature to automatically control your device. It will control all 3 with infrared connectivity for optimum use. And it works with over 350 brands of components, so it's basically ready to go right out of the box.

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