Philips SRU3006/27 Universal Big Button 6 in 1 Remote (Silver/Black) Review

Philips SRU3006/27 Universal Big Button 6 in 1 Remote
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I own a DVD player that no universal remote works for. The company is too new and not well known yet (Dynex).
This remote didn't even have a programming listed for my brand of player. What is worse, all the remotes I have tried including this one cannot find the proper frequency using the search function!

So why 5 stars you ask?
The function where you can take an existing remote and point the universal remote at it to program it is wonderful! I was able to quickly program my universal remote to operate my DVD player by using the remote that came with my DVD player.

Of course, I probably would have rated this remote with only one star if I didn't have my original remote because then it wouldn't have worked using the search function. Oh well. It worked for what I purchased it for.

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Product Description:
The SRU3006 six-device remote control by Philips is the perfect replacement remote for consolidating all your remotes into one. Setting-up the universal remote is quick and easy with automatic brand search and learning functionality. Using the learning functions the remote control captures and stores infrared signals from other remotes when device codes are not included in the on-board database. It learns these functions by simply pointing the remote to the original remote. The SRU3006 includes Philips on-board code library and button configuration - offering more codes than any other brand remote. Every code is captured for every function so you-ll never miss your old remotes. The comprehensive code library covers all the latest technology including HD and flat-screen TVs. The big button design is 2mm larger than the standard button size, making it easy to locate and press the buttons you use the most. The remote features advanced DVD and satellite functions, as well as separate keys dedicated to satellite functions. The stylish silver and black design will compliment or even -spice-up- any of your existing components.

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